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Sparta Area School District

Creating the Future

“The mission of the Sparta Area School District is to provide students of all backgrounds and potentials with a rich academic experience in a safe and supportive environment. In partnership with students, families, educators and community members, we will strive to inspire students to become lifelong learners and responsible contributors to our community.”

The Sparta Area School district provides comprehensive Standards-based curriculum emphasizing mental, cultural, social, moral and physical advancement. Visitors to the area will notice renovations at the high school where science and computer lab facilities are updated, as well as other classrooms, auditorium, cafeteria and music area. Other building projects include a new upper elementary / middle school, housing 4th - 8th grade students on the outskirts of Sparta’s city limits.

A wide range of educational opportunities is available for students including a variety of electives at both the high school and middle school. Regular education initiatives include SAGE implementation for 15:1 class sizes in grades K - 3. A charter preschool, which includes two instructional choices for parents, is available for all district 4-year-old students. Sparta Area School District also sponsors an innovative charter school for students in grades 7-12 called, Sparta High Point School. The charter school utilizes a project-based approach based on students’ interests to meet state standards and graduation requirements. All teachers in the Sparta Area School District will receive specialized training on integrating technology into all curricular areas this year.

In addition to regular education services, the Sparta Area School district offers a broad range of special services for its students. Pre-school and early childhood programs are available for at-risk and handicapped students age 3 - 5. Services for K - 12 students include LD, ED, CDS, CDB, speech and language assistance, OT, PT, services for the hearing and visually impaired, and special transportation arrangements. Sparta also offers an alternative school for qualifying middle and high school students. The Sparta Area School District offer K - 12 Gifted and Talented Programs to meet the needs of students capable of a challenge beyond the scope of the ordinary curriculum. Sparta High School prepares our youth for a full spectrum of future endeavors.

Sparta Area Schools also promote co-curricular activities such as art, music, athletics, and other clubs and organizations. Vocational technical programs offered include business education, metals, woods, commercial food program, agriculture co-op, CISCO training and graphic arts. High school athletic programs offered are basketball, football, volleyball, golf, tennis, track and field, baseball, wrestling, soccer, cross-country, softball, hockey, cheerleading, and dance team. Middle school athletics include track and field, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, cross-country and wrestling.


Cataract Elementary School (K-5) 6070 State Hwy 27 272.3111
Lakeview Elementary School (K-3) 711 Pine Street 269.6144
Lawrence-Lawson Elem. School (K-3) 429 N Black River St 269.3181
Maplewood School (K-3) 900 E Montgomery St 269.8133
Southside Elementary School (K-3) 1023 Walrath St 269.2187
Meadowview Elementary School (4-5) 1225 N Water St 269.2187
Meadowview Middle School (6-8) 1225 N Water St 269.2185
Sparta High School (9-12) 506 N Black River St 269.2107
Activities Director 506 N Black River St 269.3424
Administration & Educational Center 201 E Franklin St 269.3151
Sparta Independent Learning School 201 E Franklin St 366.3430
Sparta High Point School 201 E Franklin St 366.3491
Sparta Charter Preschool 201 E Franklin St 366.3459
Early Childhood Program 201 E Franklin St 366.3459
Food Service & Transportation 201 E Franklin St 269.6750
Other District Services   269.3151



Faith Based Schools
St. John's Lutheran School 419 Jefferson Ave  269-4966
St. Patrick's Catholic School 100 S L St  269-4748