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Your Source for Local Information

The Sparta Area Chamber of Commerce can be your source for local information, providing you with important news and updates from the community.  The Sparta Area Chamber has proudly represented our community as a center of business and tourism opportunities for decades.

Local Information

Find information on local businesses in our online business directory with contact information, hours of operation, directions and more.  Search by name or category.  We have what you are looking for with over 200 businesses.  

"Hot Deals" 

Find Hot Deal coupoons offered by local businesses, including your favorite restaurants and trusted services.  Save some money by checking the Hot Deal here.


Calendar of Events

Keep your calendar up-to-date by checking our first.  Find information about local events, education opportunities, and what's happening in the area. 

Job Postings

Search for jobs offered by local businesses in a wide range of categories.  Contact the potential employer directly through the chamber website.  Employers post their jobs on site for free.  

Click the contact us button for more information, or stop by the Chamber at 111 Milwaukee St.  We have the infroamtion that is essential to Sparta residents, future residents, and visitors that gather here from all over the world.  Please continue your journey through our site, it will help you plan your future stay in Sparta.  

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